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The International Council of Swedish Industry (Näringslivets Internationella Råd, NIR) is an independent non-profit organisation representing Swedish industry. Its mandate is to support favourable conditions for Swedish business. By working to improve structural conditions for a more conducive business climate, NIR’s activities contribute to sustainable economic development of the respective country and improve market conditions for domestic as well as international companies.

IF Metall is a Swedish national trade union with more than 320 000 members at more than 12 000 workplaces with 37 local branches all around Sweden. IF Metall represent the interests of its members through, for example, collective bargaining and signing collective agreements with employers’ federations. IF Metall strongly believe that cooperation between social partners and development of dialogue and industrial relations at workplaces and industrial level is beneficial for both workers and the companies. IF Metall strive for a democratic and equal society and development of mature industrial relations to reach decent working conditions and secure workplaces.