Award Criteria and Evaluation

The evaluation will assess factors that affect outcome and prospects of durability of the Workplace Programme. It will also consider innovative approaches as these aspects contribute to the overall progress of the Programme. The 2009 SWHAP Achievement award criteria has been developed in cooperation with the Aids Accountability International business ranking initiative.

The award criteria are divided into four categories: Governance, Prevention, Treatment and care, and Community Outreach. Each category is divided into evaluation items that are recognised as areas that should be considered in developing and deploying a comprehensive and successful HIV/AIDS workplace programme. The workplace will itself fill in how well it has achieved the different items through its HIV/AIDS programme.

The items are evaluated for comprehensiveness and achievement, how well it is deployed and the degree of implementation in regards to measurable outcomes and assessment. The Programme Coordinators and SWHAP Working Committee will respectively contribute with an individual assessment adding to the total score.