The SWHAP was launched in Botswana on 23 October 2007. Several companies in Botswana have participated in the programme; Atlas Copco, Auto Sueco, Eltel, Ericsson, ABB, Scania and Sanitas. Together these companies employ approximately 900 employees, who have directly benefited from education and awareness sessions through the programme. SWHAP has also supported the companies to reach out to families and communities. Due to the gov-ernment roll-out of the national HIV policy, which has included a “minimum package” to be enforced at each workplace, the programme in Botswana has had a very good uptake. Referral links with service providers and government-run district clinics have also been established making it easier for treatment access. Companies in Botswana are now promoting stigma-free workplaces and promoting status disclosure. Partners have begun to look outside their workplaces and are increasingly supporting HIV & AIDS community initiatives, spreading experiences to neighboring companies and starting smaller mentorship arrangements. The companies also meet regularly to exchange and share lessons from workplace programmes. SWHAP also organizes quarterly networking meetings, which is another platform for sharing experiences and lessons around HIV workplace programming

For more information contact Botswana Country Coordinator Ms Edith Maziofa.