SWHAP was launched in the DRC during 2012 and has since partnered with ten Swedish-related companies (ABB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Mobi Metal, Sodeico Development, Tigo, Panaco, SMT-Volvo, Sandvik and Orange) to support the establishment of workplace HIV and wellness programmes. The majority of the companies have; sensitised management on the business benefits of workplace HIV and wellness programmes; set up and trained representative steering committees; trained peer educators; established disease management programmes where employees and their dependents have access to testing, treatment and care services; and have in place HIV and wellness workplace policies protecting the rights of workers. The disease management programmes also address malaria, which is endemic in the DRC, through bed net distribution initiatives and rapid malaria diagnostic testing. Additionally, programmes reach out to the community.

Mentorship programmes with the Association of Female Employers of the DRC (ASSOFE) and La Confédération Syndicale du Congo, or CSC, (a trade union affiliated to IndustriALL) have also helped SWHAP to reach the informal sector and a wide range of non-Swedish companies in the DRC.

In the DRC, SWHAP works in close partnership with the National AIDS Council (PNMLS) and UNAIDS contributing to the national private sector response to HIV and AIDS.

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SWHAP DRC November 2018 Newsletter

For more information contact DRC Country Coordinator Mianda Mwepu Hatton