The SWHAP was started in Kenya in January 2006. Currently there are nine companies participating in the SWHAP, including: Atlas Copco, Amazon Motors (Volvo), Scania, Ericsson, Volvo Auto-Sueco, Tamarind Translations, Raffia Bags, SKF and Tetra Pak. Taken together, these companies employ approximately 1,000 persons. Volvo Auto-Sueco and Tamarind Translation are still new to the programme, but the other companies, who have been with SWHAP for longer, have had very good structured programmes with an average percentage of VCT uptake at 80% It has become a regular culture for the companies to conduct awareness and VCT even more than once a year. From policy to practice, SWHAP has realised impact on stigma reduction at the workplace, where employees are freer to talk about HIV and AIDS. There has also been positive effects on the uptake of services. For further information on this, please read the case of Amazon Motors.

Tetra Pak has sustained the HIV and AIDS Programme after completion of the funding cycle with SWHAP, while Atlas Copco and Amazon Motors are in their final year of co-funding. The companies continue to take part in SWHAP network activities, which are based on topical themes in line with HIV prevention and emerging issues. Both the steering committees and the Peer Educators take part in the network workshops.

Some companies have used their experience to mentor their suppliers and customers to starting their own programmes. This has seen more than twelve additional companies take up the initiative. In addition, SWHAP in Kenya has partnered with the Amalgamated Metal Workers Union and has thereby supported nine companies with mentorship on development of workplace programmes on HIV and AIDS.

At the country level, SWHAP in Kenya has come to be recognised as a strategic partner in private sector response to HIV and AIDS. SWHAP is a member of Private Sector Partners on HIV and AIDS (PSPA), which coordinates and reports on responses on HIV and AIDS in the formal private sector. SWHAP has been engaged in the now annual national CEO testing campaigns and has taken part in the strategic planning process and implementation.

For more information contact Kenya Country Coordinator Mr Daniel Mwaura.