SWHAP was launched in Tanzania in March 2007. The companies engaged so far are: Tanelec, Scania, Auto-Sueco, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Tigo, Eco-energy and Ericsson, altogether employing approximately 1,500 persons. The older companies in the programme have established structures for programme implementation, including policies and work plans. Tanelec’s programme has become a best practice and enrolled in the SWHAP achievement award for 2010. For further information on Tanelec’s programme please refer to the SWHAP 2010 Annual Conferences Report, page 14.

The Tanzanian programmes have focused on awareness creation and VCT uptake with very good uptake percentages every year. There are network activities for steering committee members from the different companies, where they share and exchange experiences as well as learn new themes of interventions which they incorporate into their programmes. During 2011, Tanelec has been working on mentorship of neighbour companies and other companies within the same group ownership. This will contribute to the dissemination of the SWHAP experience from Tanelec and inspire many more companies.

For more information contact Tanzania Country Coordinator Mr Daniel Mwaura.