Our Impact

Workplace HIV and wellness programmes are good for companies, good for employees, good for families and good for communities.

In 2018, through a network of 573 workplaces in 11 countries:

14 Years of Championing HIV and Wellness Programmes in Sub Saharan Africa

To celebrate 14 years of the Programme we have published an impact booklet containing a few examples from the many interventions on how workplace wellness programmes using the SWHAP approach reduce HIV impact while improving productivity, employee satisfaction and loyalty.

14 Years of SWHAP have resulted in:

  • Healthier workplaces and increased productivity.
  • Development of diverse, inclusive and gender-sensitive workplaces reducing employee turnover and positively impacting unemployment and skills development.
  • Establishment of a better dialogue climate at the workplace reducing stigma and conflict – influencing and improving the general work environment.
  • Protection of the human rights of workers through the implementation of anti-discrimination policies, and awareness raising on these and other related policies.
  • Highlighting of sustainability as a core operational condition for companies and employees.
  • Improved understanding of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and enhanced access to SRHR services.
  • Creation of networks connecting companies from diverse countries and sectors for peer to peer exchanges on workplace disease management and sustainability strategies. The networks have made SWHAP an attractive partner for private sector engagement on HIV. Consequently, SWHAP contributes to national response frameworks in various countries.
  • Contribution to social dialogue at national level between unions and employer associations.

Download the impact booklet here