Atlas Copco Zambia Community Outreach

Atlas Copco Child Health Week 2013Twice a year the Zambian government in collaboration with donors, development agents, and corporate business entities conduct nation-wide immunisation and health checks for all children aged between 0-6 years.

Over the years Atlas Copco Zambia has been an integral partner in the roll-out of the week-long child health promotions in Chingola. The company provides logistical and material support to the District Health Management Office, making it possible for residents in the densely populated peripheral areas to receive services.

This year in line with its corporate social responsibility Atlas Copco Zambia directed their support in promoting access to services in the un-serviced areas of Chawama and Chiwempala compounds of Chingola, as a way of contributing to the health and well- being of the Chingola residents. The company provided fuel for sensitisation, lunches to health personnel and incentives to the first hundred infants to be screened at the local health centre. These measures resulted in the townships targeted recording among the highest turnout of families queuing to have their children screened and vaccinated.

Atlas Copco management were greatly encouraged by the success of the exercise and hope to scale up their partnership with the government particularly service provision in the areas of health, education and sanitation.

Many workplace programmes amongst the SWHAP partners have evolved over the years to incorporate wellness into HIV and AIDS programmes. The good work at Atlas Copco Zambia is one example, of SWHAP partners addressing issues of wellness as well as HIV and AIDS in their community outreach efforts.

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