Benefits of Building In-house Capacity

A recent evaluation of the SWHAP programme has shown that Peer Educators are key actors in the behaviour change process in the workplace. The report also showed that peer education training has an enduring effect that goes beyond the workplace as learning transcends this arena to benefit family and friends. Additionally, the Peer Educators themselves benefit from the training becoming assets to the company as they apply new competencies. Some have even gone on to leverage their experiences to make career advancements.

SWHAP supports peer education training as it builds in-house skills and lessens the reliance on external facilitators and service providers – enhancing the sustainability of workplace HIV and wellness programmes.

Between July and September over 30 Peer Educators from Sodeico Development, Volvo, ABB, Quant and Sandvik participated in capacity building workshops.

Peer Educators in South Africa benefited from a SITA accredited 10-day training course.

Sodeico Development DRC provided refresher training for its steering committee members.

Volvo DRC increased the number of Peer Educators in its workforce, training additional employees in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. The company also launched the Lubumbashi pilot programme on 24 August.

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