EcoEnergy, Public Private Partnerships

SWHAP partner EcoEnergy is in the process of developing a modern sugar estate on an abandoned cattle ranch in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania, working in partnership with the Government of Tanzania and the local community.  While the project is expected to become a role model for sustainable environmental and social development creating jobs and offering other wealth creation opportunities, there are social risks that need to be managed. Early into the project EcoEnergy identified that a potential impact of the project would be increased risk of communicable diseases including HIV and TB due to a rise in the population of workers and an influx of opportunity seekers resulting in increased social interaction in the community. EcoEnergy has chosen a collaborative approach, seeking partners within the community to address the potential risk. In May, as part of the project preparation, a meeting was organised targeting Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) active in Bagamoyo, to share information and ideas on how this risk can be managed. The meeting was a great success with around 40 NGOs participating.

Sharing information with, and involving communities in, the decision making process increases the probabilities of project acceptance and success. To read more on how EcoEnergy is partnering with the local community to address HIV and AIDS please follow the link: EcoEnergy Case Study.

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