Mentorship Updates

SWHAP Supply Chain and Mentorship Models encourage the sharing of HIV and wellness knowledge, skills and experiences through the principles of mentorship, participatory learning, networking and on-going support. Mentor companies (usually SWHAP partners that are running established programmes) take the lead in implementing the programmes. They are responsible for coordination of logistics, monitoring and evaluation, and liaison with service providers to support training and testing for HIV, and other medical conditions.


Sandvik Zambia launched its mentorship programme on 27 July, with a joint management sensitisation session which built the business case for workplace wellness and explained the mentorship model and process to stakeholders. The sensitisation was attended by representatives from the management and trade unions of Sandvik, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company and the Central African Baptist Organisation. Sensitisation was followed by steering committee selection and training in August. In September, Nkana Water and Sewage Company went on to conduct onsite awareness sessions for the rest of its management team and staff.

Sandvik Zambia representatives and their mentorship programme counterparts

Orica has finished its mentorship programme having mentored two companies this year. Preparations are underway for the policy launch ceremonies.

Orica Zambia mentorship programme Peer Educator training


The Scanlink mentorship of Peace Security kicked off with awareness presentations conducted for management, union representatives and staff in July. Members of the senior management team at Peace Security noted their appreciation of the presentation indicating that it shed light on the importance of workplace wellness programmes and their relevance to business. The programme should positively benefit the more than 600 employees at Peace Security.

South Africa

UD Trucks South Africa is mentoring nine McCarthy dealerships to set up comprehensive HIV and wellness workplace programmes. The supply chain programme is at an advanced stage. Policy development workshops were held on 11 September as well as successful wellness days with an average uptake of 70% for both health risk assessments and HIV counselling and testing.

Policy development workshop for UD Trucks Supply Chain Programme

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