Off to a Good Start

Congratulations to new SWHAP partner ABB Uganda, who organised their first onsite wellness day on 13 June achieving 75% wellness testing uptake. Along with HIV and wellness testing, the company also provided information and screening on Hepatitis B for all employees. According to the Uganda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment Survey (UPHIA), the prevalence of Hepatitis B infection among adults in the country stands at 4.3%. In HIV programmes, Hepatitis B is of concern because of shared modes of transmission (sharing of needles amongst injecting drug users, unprotected sexual contact) a high proportion of adults at risk for HIV infection are also at risk for Hepatitis B infection.

Since 2015 the Government in Uganda has been running a vaccination programme for adolescents and adults. In this way, the efforts at ABB Uganda are complementary to national efforts to eradicate the virus from the country.

Testing at ABB Uganda

In related testing news, during April and May Auto Sueco Namibia, SAAB and Hydroscand held onsite wellness days giving employees access to health screening. Amongst the tests and screening offered were HIV, body mass index, blood sugar and blood pressure. During their wellness day, Hydroscand raised awareness on the importance of health and safety at the workplace through industrial theatre. The managing director led by example by being the first to participate in the health screening. The company achieved over 90% HIV and wellness testing uptake.

SKF Kenya provided the standards tests (during a wellness day held in the second week of June) but also included cervical and prostate cancer screening for its employees. Twenty-one out of twenty-three employees participated in the cancer and HIV screening.

Industrial theatre at Hydroscand in South Africa

Waiting for testing at SAAB South Africa

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