Partnership results in STI reduction

Last year in August, Sandvik Mining and Construction Zimbabwe partnered with Zimplats, SWHAP, the Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), the National AIDS Council and the International Labour Organization to hold a community dialogue addressing sexually transmitted infections in the mining town of Ngezi. This was following reports of a spike in the numbers of STIs being recorded at the mine clinic.

The partnership was successful in encouraging the residents of the town to examine behavioural practices that were fuelling the rise in STIs (for example, infidelity, multiple concurrent partnerships, lack of condom use, alcohol and drug abuse) and to take responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health. In December 2017, the mining clinic recorded a reduction in the number of STIs compared to the usual spikes experienced during previous festive periods.

At the end of the discussions representatives from the community signed a pledge committing to marital fidelity, regular HIV and wellness screening, open communication between married couples and saying no to drug and alcohol abuse. These pledges were erected into billboards and placed around the mining town to help guide behaviours.

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