SWHAP Networks

Fourteen years of SWHAP have resulted in the creation of networks connecting companies from diverse countries and sectors for peer to peer exchanges on workplace disease management and sustainability strategies. These networks have also made SWHAP an attractive partner for private sector engagement on HIV.


On 19 September, a network training meeting was held in Tanzania for companies supported under the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) and the Trade Union Confederation of Tanzania (TUCTA) partnership programme. The objective of the network meeting was for companies to update each other on the progress they were making in the implementation of their workplace HIV and AIDS initiatives.

The meeting was opened by the Director of ATE, Dr Mlimuka, who emphasized the necessity of partnerships in the HIV response. He commended the SWHAP model noting how it has helped companies reduce the effects of HIV and AIDS in the workplace. Other partners from the SWHAP network in Tanzania, the International Labour Organization and the Tanzania Commission for AIDS also participated in the experience sharing exercise.

Since 2016, SWHAP has partnered with ATE and TUCTA, assisting 20 companies to set up workplace HIV and wellness programmes following the SWHAP model.

“The implementation of workplace programmes will not only ensure increased productivity but also will help to promote a healthy and motivated workforce which is an important ingredient in national development” – Dr. Mlimuka, Director ATE


In related news on peer to peer learning, CEO network meetings were held in Lusaka and Kitwe during August with representatives from Atlas Copco, Volvo, Epiroc, Scania, ZAMEFA and Mulonga Water and Sewerage.

Participants at the Kitwe CEO Meeting

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