Wellness Days


Congratulations to Bearing and Power Transmission Technology (an SKF dealer from Uganda) who achieved 100% testing uptake at their first wellness day. The company also opened up testing to the contracted security firm at their premises – giving the security guards an opportunity to learn their HIV status.


Tigo Tanzania organised Hepatitis B testing and vaccinations for 231 employees in September. Employees that tested positive were counselled and referred to hospitals for further assessment and treatment.

Hepatitis B usually occurs as a result of contact with infected body fluids. Because of shared modes of transmission (sharing of needles amongst injecting drug users, unprotected sexual contact), a high proportion of adults at risk for HIV infection are also at risk for Hepatitis B infection. Moreover, HIV positive individuals who become infected with the Hepatitis B virus are at increased risk for developing chronic hepatitis, complicating treatment. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that as many as 4-5 million people may be infected with both HIV and Hepatitis B.


The Confédération Syndicale du Congo (CSC) held sensitisation sessions on HIV, family planning and gender-based violence for its members in Lubumbashi in November and December – 114 people established their HIV status. Additionally, 4 752 male and 44 female condoms were distributed. CSC is a union confederation represented at national level in the DRC and a member of IndsutriALL. SWHAP is supporting the Union to set up HIV and wellness workplace programmes in 29 companies where the organisation has representation.

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